Divorce Shocker: Courtney Stodden Is Flat Broke!

Beautiful and broke.

Courtney Stodden filed for divorce from her decades-older husband and she made the shocking revelation that she was flat broke in court documents exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com.

The former Teen Bride was ending her marriage to The Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison in debt and unable to pay her bills she explained in her March 6, 2018 Community Property Declaration.


Stodden, 23, noted that she and Hutchison, 57, jointly owed $5,000 to a collection agency and she requested to split that debt with him.

The blonde bombshell noted that she made $2,500 a month but her expenses were almost double, with $2,400 in rent and $1,000 a month spent on clothes.

In the docs obtained by Radar she said she spent $500 a month on eating out, another $500 a month on groceries and $300 a month on her cell phone.

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Stodden’s documents claimed her finances had “changed drastically” in the prior 12 months due to “no major production deals,” The Blast first reported.

She did reveal that she had an $18,000 life insurance policy and $10,000 in household furniture.

Stodden cited “irreconcilable differences,” as her cause for divorce and did not ask for spousal support from Hutchison.

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This is a new chapter in my life. New beginnings and a fresh start. I’m pouring my heart into my music — and using that as a conduit to tell my story and share who I really am deep down,” she told People magazine.

“I’ve been through so much while being in the entertainment world and I’ve created an image that is almost bigger than life. I’m getting back to that girl underneath the persona and eager for people to get to know the real me through my songs.”

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Chilling Secret: Elizabeth Smart’s Sicko Sex Fiend Kidnapper Hunting New Victims!

A Missouri mom is terrified for the safety of her teenaged daughters — who may well be the next targets of the sicko sex fiend who, along with her husband, kidnapped and imprisoned Elizabeth Smart, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively!

Wanda Barzee, who is behind bars for the 2002 abduction, is scheduled to be paroled later this year. But even before her release, she’s using her menacing minions to recruit more hapless “handmaids” to molest!

Barzee, 72, has dispatched a twisted crew of Bible-thumping followers to the home of a mother of two girls!

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“I am afraid someone is going to take my daughters,” the 37-year-old mom told Radar, asking that we not publish her name to protect her family.

The woman revealed she wrote to Barzee last year to ask her why she and her husband, Brian David Mitchell, abducted Elizabeth.

“She said she was compelled to do so by God!” said the mom. “She also said she would do it again!”

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In a letter to the mom, Barzee admitted she is plotting to ­re-establish her “celestial kingdom” — requiring the recruitment of more innocent girls.

“For Elizabeth Smart to have fallen,” she wrote. “I’m in need of a handmaid to take her place.”

The mother immediately cut off correspondence, but was shocked when she answered a knock on her door — and found Barzee’s apostles standing there! When they told her Barzee had sent them, she slammed the door.

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“It just freaked me out!” she confessed. “We put padlocks on both of our doors and keep the windows locked at all times!

“It scares me. And they’ve come back to my house several times!”

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Munchausen Victim Gypsy Blanchard Working on TV Series From Prison

Munchausen victim Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who is in prison for murdering her mom, is busy behind bars working on a TV series, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

According to Franchesca Macelli, who, along with a team of producers, is the brains behind the intended series, told Radar she has visited Gypsy at the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri to discuss the exciting project.

“We’re hoping it’s going to be a limited series, somewhere between four to twelve episodes depending on what the network’s decided,” said Macelli.

The series would be titled By Proxy, and the aim is to delve deeper into what Gypsy went through as a victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, and much more.

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“The show is going to take an in-depth look of going back to the very beginning and showing several different characters’ point of views,” Macelli explained. “It’s not about murder. It’s really a family story.”

As Radar readers know, Gypsy and her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn murdered Dee Dee Blanchard in her sleep in 2015.

At the hands of Dee Dee, who suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, Gypsy was forced to fake illnesses such as muscular dystrophy and leukemia. She was bound to a wheelchair and fed medications she did not need. As a result, Gypsy missed out on freedom, Macelli said.

“It was as if she was already a prisoner for her entire life,” Macelli said of Gypsy.

Macelli said the series, if picked up, would include a portrayal of Dee Dee’s life and what her childhood was like.

“It’s extending all the way to Dee Dee’s family, her siblings are involved, as well as the Blanchards, friends,” the scriptwriter said.

Of course, the series will also document the progress Gypsy’s made in prison. As Radar reported, she’s gone through quite the transformation in the last couple years.

EXCLUSIVE: Mom Killer Gypsy Blanchard’s Family Starts Petition For Her Freedom

“She feels more free now in prison than she did with her mom,” said Macelli.

Gypsy is expected to serve her 10-year sentence until at least 2024, when she is eligible for parole. Last year, the inmate’s biological father, Rod Blanchard, started a petition on Change.org to get her out of prison early.

Blanchard said the project is being shopped around to multiple networks who have shown interest.

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Mom At Last? Jen Aniston Wants Ex Brad Pitt To Be Her Baby Daddy, Source Claims

With her biological clock ticking, Jennifer Aniston is begging ex-hubby Brad Pitt to be her baby daddy — and he’s on board with the plan, a source told RadarOnline.com.

Though her rep denies it, the former Friends star allegedly still wants a child after her split from Justin Theroux, and she’s determined to make Pitt the dad.

“Jen isn’t talking about getting back together with Brad — at least not now,” a source close to the former couple claimed. “But she smartly had her eggs frozen years ago, and now she’s asked Brad to donate the sperm so they can finally have a child together!”

Aniston, 49, and Theroux, 46, tied the knot in a surprise secret ceremony in August 2015. Just over two years later, the couple announced their split right after Valentine’s Day.

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According to insiders, much of the tension between the former couple stemmed from frustration over not having children.

“When they got married, Jen said she wanted to start a family, and for Justin it was important to have kids,” claimed another source.

But over time, career demands and other commitments allegedly got in the way of Aniston’s baby plans, sparking friction with Theroux.

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“One of their final explosive fights was about having children, and it was all due to Jennifer stalling,” the source claimed. “Jen kept taking jobs and reneging on their plan to start a family, even though it was one of her priorities when they got married.”

But, sources told Radar, Aniston’s doubts about her hubby’s daddy qualities were behind the baby delay.

“Jen never felt completely comfortable with Justin being the father to her children,” a source spilled. “She wants her baby daddy to be the perfect man — and in her mind, that’s Brad!”

The Hollywood beauty also harbors high expectations for her offspring, insiders spilled.

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“She wants her child to be just like Brad — in not just looks, but also the personality and charm that won her over 20 years ago!”

Insiders say she leaned heavily on the father of six in the final months of her rocky marriage, and that’s when she hatched the idea of mixing his sperm with her eggs.

“Jen didn’t have to ask Brad twice,” the source confessed. “He loves kids, and would be happy to have more — especially with Jen.”

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Cosby Marriage Destroyed By Their Daughter’s Death

Bill Cosby’s long-suffering wife, Camille, blames the death of their daughter on the disgraced comic, said insiders, who believe it may have driven the final nail in the coffin of their twisted marriage!

Right up until she passed away on Feb. 23 from renal failure, 44-year-old Ensa Cosby remained a staunch supporter of her disgraced father.

But insiders revealed that Camille, 73, is convinced the stress of her husband’s endless sexual scandals played a big role in the collapse of Ensa’s fragile health.

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On her deathbed, Ensa begged her cheating dad not to “disappoint Mom anymore,” according to one family insider.

“She was devastated by the beating her family took in the public eye,” a source said. “She was especially distressed at the way it made her mother suffer.”

Despite Ensa’s support, Bill — who faces a second assault trial in April — reacted coldly when she suffered a heart scare two years ago.

“He didn’t even go to the hospital,” an insider said. “He was convinced her problems were drug-related and felt she needed to beat them on her own.”

But as Camille watched her daughter die, her anger at 80-year-old Bill boiled over, sources said.

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“She knew Bill was the real source of all of Ensa’s problems,” the source claimed.

“Ensa’s death was the final straw. Camille’s taking what’s left of Bill’s dwindling $400 million fortune and heading out the door!”

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‘Delusional’ Scheana Marie Still Believes She Will Marry Ex Rob Valletta

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie is setting her own rules when it comes to her breakup from ex Rob Valletta – and her friends think she is “delusional!”

The 32-year-old brunette beauty — who was torn apart on social media last week for gushing excessively over Valletta in an episode filmed before the split — “still believes she that they will get married, and is listening to no one,” a source said.

“She still tells him ‘I love you’ even now,” a source close to Marie told Radar. (Valletta infamously wouldn’t return the L-word on the show.)

As fans know, Valetta continued to spend time with Marie after the split.

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According to the insider, “Scheana’s friends all feel like he has been using her for fame, and for the friends-with-benefits factor.”

“They are keeping it casual, and everyone around her is unsure of his intentions now.”

But Marie is sticking by her ex. On her podcast Scheananigans this week, the star claimed she was “madly in love” with Valletta.

However, she did confess to going overboard.

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“I will admit, I haven’t watched the last few episodes…last season, watching my divorce wasn’t as hard for me because I was in a very happy relationship and I was madly in love with Rob,” she told her VPR co-star Ariana Madix on the podcast.

“Obviously, you can’t see every minute of every conversation. I know I look really stupid, and you know what? I was coming off a divorce. I got back with someone who I felt was my soulmate and was the one…you can’t fault me for being happy and being in love.”

Marie was recently rumored to be dating Bachelorette star Robby Hayes, but both she and her fellow reality star told Us Weekly they’re just close friends.

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