The clicking point of video games – Reader’s Feature

The Last Of Us - is there such a thing as too much hype?

The Last Of Us Remastered – did it click with you straight away?

A reader explores that vital moment when a video game finally clicks with you, using examples from The Last Of Us to Cuphead.

The clicking point must be the ultimate goal for games designers. The point after the tutorial, when the gamified learning has embedded itself in the users’ mind, after this there’s the need for the further alchemical step of the game resonating with you… and then it has you. Its tendrils wrapping around your amygdala with the hope that this will also happen… Read the full story

Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: What’s the most surprisingly good video game you’ve played?

Dark Souls Remastered - prepare to wait

Dark Souls – not love at first sight

GameCentral readers reveal the times they were surprised by a game they thought they wouldn’t like, from Dark Souls to Monster Hunter.

The subject for this week’s Hot Topic was suggested by reader Gannet, who asked what game or games you were convinced you wouldn’t like but ended up loving Why did you think you wouldn’t enjoy the game and what was it that turned you around?

As you’d expect the most common reason for being surprised was not having played any similar games before – or not having enjoyed them. But many classic titles eventually found a… Read the full story

The problem with Microsoft and why the Xbox One X is the best console – Reader’s Feature

Xbox One X – the most powerful console in the world

A reader explains why he thinks Microsoft has the best console but the worst games, and what he thinks they should do about it.

For the last several months there has been a consistent narrative that Microsoft has messed up this generation of consoles and is making things worse for themselves by not investing in first party exclusives. This started almost as soon as the disastrous first reveal for Xbox One, but intensified once the Switch came out and flew off shelves precisely because it had great first party games.

Because of all the complaints it’s also led to Xbox fans… Read the full story

Games Inbox: Good taste in video games, Star Wars games on May 4th, and PS4 Pro out of stock

Agents Of Mayhem - better or worse than Saints Row?

Agents Of Mayhem – apparently someone liked it

The evening Inbox asks whether the Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller is worth it, as one reader admits Platinum games make him dizzy.

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No accounting for taste

I would just like to add to some of the inbox discussions taking place this week. First of all, backwards compatibility. I don’t remember this being such an issue last gen. No one seemed to go on about how great it was to play PS1 and PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation… Read the full story

Games Inbox: Best Platinum Games game, PS4 Pro shortages, and Ape Escape remaster

Bayonetta 2 (NS) - tomorrow is hers

Bayonetta 2 – Platinum’s best game?

The morning Inbox argues in favour of Microsoft’s stance on backwards compatibility, as one reader discusses his favourite video game endings.

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Platinum all-stars

I know there are a lot of Platinum Games fans around these parts, but I’d somehow never managed to play one of them up till now. But after getting myself a Switch I decided to pick up Bayonetta 2 and came away very impressed. I then picked up Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising on PC and really enjoyed them too.

But… Read the full story

City Of Brass review – first person Prince Of Persia

City Of Brass (PS4) - prince of thieves

City Of Brass (PS4) – prince of thieves

A first person Arabian Nights style adventure is a welcome break from sci-fi and modern day action but it does have its drawbacks…

City Of BrassGame review: City Of Brass is a first person Prince Of Persia

Assassin’s Creed was always a strange move for Ubisoft, given how the first game was so similar in style and setting to Prince Of Persia; so much so that some originally mistook it for a spin-off. The risk paid off though and Assassin’s Creed’s continued success has meant that… Read the full story

Games Inbox: Backwards compatibility hours played, Deus Ex reboot, and Super Smash Bros. 2018

That's a lot of Star Wars games

How much do you use backwards compatibility?

The evening Inbox has a special reason for resenting God Of War’s success, as one reader lays out his vision of the current console generation.

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Zero hours

So I see that Microsoft is showing off that 1 billion hours have been spent on Xbox One backwards compatibility, which seems like a kind of random number but it’s almost double what it was last June. Which to me seem very impressive. Although it does open up the obvious joke of Xbox One owners… Read the full story