Love Island’s Amber Davies HITS OUT over Kem Cetinay relationship as she goes public with new man

Amber’s not happy about this…

Amber Davies might have won Love Island with Kem Cetinay but she’s NOT happy about fans continually bringing up their relationship.

The couple split in December after their victory on the reality show in July and Amber has since made it clear that she’s moved on, having gone public with new man James Hawkins this week.


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However, she’s continued to receive comments from fans about her romance with Kem, prompting the TV star to furiously hit out on social media.

‘Guys this is getting so boring and simply irritating now,’ Amber, 21, tweeted on Friday. ‘If Kem and I are over the relationship I think YOU GUYS should be. I am allowed to move on and mostly allowed to be openly happy’

To make her message even clearer, the brunette star posted the same tweet on her Instagram Stories and added the caption: ‘Get over it. I’m bored of seeing the same comments now’

She also didn’t hold back from responding to individual followers who had mentioned her ex in the light of her new relationship.

‘Why does my life have to end because I have an ex boyfriend,’ Amber replied to one Twitter user. ‘The fact you guys are STILL talking about it is just irritating and kinda weirdly obsessive. Get over it’

The TV star went on to tell another: ‘Real feelings were involved we are not robots’

Despite her plea Amber continued to receive tweets about Kem, 22, with some fans arguing that they were ‘invested’ in them as a couple thanks to Love Island.

‘I am sad Bc we still don’t know why it ended . I voted for you sis I need closure I was invested af,’ one commented, whilst another wrote: ‘I think people try to hold on to it because that’s how you both made your fame.’

Amber’s clearly not letting the row stop her from enjoying her blossoming romance with James though, having shared an adorbs photo of them together on Thursday with the caption: ‘Mine’


A post shared by Amber Davies (@amb_d) on

They went public earlier in the week and Amber certainly seems smitten.

God, thank you ❤

A post shared by Amber Davies (@amb_d) on

Cute couple, right?

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‘It isn’t necessarily true’: Pregnant Jacqueline Jossa hints at more to Dan Osborne ‘split’ on Loose Women

Jacqueline has given her first interview since the rumours emerged

Jacqueline Jossa on ‘Loose Women’ TV show, London 4 May 2018

Jacqueline Jossa has insisted that she’s doing okay in her first TV interview since reports she’s ‘split’ from Dan Osborne – and hinted that there’s more to it.

The pregnant actress was quizzed about how she’s faring in the wake of claims she’s separated from her husband during an interview on Friday’s Loose Women and gave a cryptic response.


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‘I’m good. I honestly am fine,’ said Jacqueline, 25. ‘I think when stuff goes on on at home it’s not normal to be everywhere.

‘It’s not necessarily true or the reasons why you’re not getting on at the moment. That’s all I really want to say. I’m all good.’

Jacqueline – who is expecting her second child with Dan, 26, over the summer – caused further confusion by wearing her wedding ring for the appearance.

The former EastEnders star – who was on the programme to talk about the Pampers’ Thank Your Midwife campaign she’s supporting – got viewers talking with her remarks and seemed to spark a mixed reaction.

‘She came across like she was peeved,’ one wrote on Twitter, whilst another said: ‘What an absolutely pointless interview’

Ouch. Others showed their support though, with one admirer tweeting: ‘Jacqueline looks so upset. Hats off to her for being on #LooseWomen. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it!’

And one added: ‘They need Jacqueline jossa on #LooseWomen all the time! Love her!’

It comes after the expectant star broke her silence on the rumours surrounding her marriage via social media on Wednesday.

‘No one needs to comment and get involved in things they don’t know anything about,’ Jacqueline told her Twitter followers.

‘Daniel and I are dealing with things privately as a team, there is always 2 sides to every story. Stop with the nasty comments, no one deserves them. Trust me. privacy please’

Jacqueline and Dan married last summer after a two-year engagement. They share daughter Ella, 3, whilst Dan has son Teddy from a previous relationship.

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‘Couples goals!’ Fans go wild as Britney Spears shares VERY impressive workout video with toyboy

Brit’s been working up a sweat with her man

Couples who train together stay together, right? Well Britney Spears certainly seems to think so if her latest Instagram video is anything to go by.

Britney Spears

The popstar might have been sharing a load of work outs with her followers lately (usually done wearing some pretty tiny shorts) but this time she roped in her toyboy lover Sam Asghari to help her.


In the video, the 36-year-old – who’s currently gearing up for her Piece Of Me world tour – is wearing her infamous white hotpants paired with a red crop top as she works up a sweat with her hunky man.

Meanwhile personal trainer Sam, 24, decided he didn’t need a top and opted for just a pair of black shorts. Well, have you seen his body?

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The ridiculously good looking couple begin with Britney straddling her legs around her boyf while doing some sit ups. Then the mum-of-two starts planking on top of Sam while he lays on his back and holds her legs. Impressive, right?

Stronger together @samasghari 👯‍♀️🍏👯‍♀️

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

As Can’t Hold Us plays in the background, Brit balances on top of her beau as he does a set of press ups. And then it’s Sam’s turn to build up his (amazing) arm muscles some more as he lifts his famous girlfriend above his head.

The video the ends with Sam doing some sit ups and giving his GF a cheeky kiss on his way up, before Brit performs a handstand against a mirror. SLAY, girl!

And obviously fans of the star absolutely loved the clip – which was simply captioned ‘Stronger together’ – as one wrote: ‘Britney Spears getting bench pressed by her boyfriend is the only thing I’m gonna talk about for a month’.

‘Umm relationship and body goals!!!’, said another, while a third commented: ‘Britney Spears and her boyfriend working out together is literally goals’.

Britney and Sam met on the set of her Slumber Party music video, and back in February the couple celebrated their 12 month anniversary.

Sharing a sweet photo of the loved-up pair on holiday, Britney wrote on Instagram: ‘I’ve been with this man for over a year… everyday he inspires me to be a better person and that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!’

Cute, or what?

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Lucky Cheryl! Watch hot Liam Payne dance around topless in new Familiar video

Looking good, Liam!

Liam Payne in Familiar video, May 2018

Liam Payne has thrilled fans by releasing the video for his new single Familiar – and it’s sizzling stuff!

In the footage the 24-year-old dances around topless – giving fans a pretty good glimpse at his toned torso – before sitting on the bonnet of his swish car as he watches a group of girls perform a routine.


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We hope you didn’t catch a cold, Liam!

Then Liam and collaborator J Balvin take the party indoors where it looks like they’re generally having a great time and we kind of want to be there, tbh.

The sultry tune and matching vid have proved a HUGE hit with fans and many are struggling to contain their excitement over it.

‘Somebody call the ambulance I forgot how to breathe #familiar #FamiliarMusicVideo,’ one commented on Twitter – yikes.

Another tweeted: ‘you really gotta show me those visuals and expect me to still be alive??????’

Meanwhile one gushed: ‘did you mean to be shirtless to kill our asses? MAN YOU ARE SO DAMN HOT’

Yep, it seems that a lot of Liam’s admirers are probably a wee bit jealous of his girlfriend Cheryl after seeing the footage…

Liam had previously got his fans excited for the clip by teasing them ahead of its release.

The former One Direction star tweeted on Thursday: ‘Yo @JBALVIN do you think they are ready for the video tomorrow?’

This prompted J Balvin to respond: ‘Liam my G! Yes! Let’s do this! Famili Famili Familiar’

Meanwhile fans promptly lost their cool, with one admitting: ‘I’m not ready but I can’t wait’

The track marks Liam’s third solo release from his upcoming debut album which will hopefully be coming this summer.

With the new video showing off Payno’s dance moves, it’s probably no surprise that he recently revealed that one-year-old son Bear is already pretty good at getting his groove on.

‘I played him my new single and he went rigid and bouncing really fast and throwing his hand in the air,’ Liam told Pop Buzz last month. ‘It was like he was twerking on the table. Like baby twerking in his nappy.’

Awww, this family’s clearly got moves!

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‘Shopping in Poundland and living in me Mam’s spare room,’ Geordie Shore’s Scotty T hints his career is in free fall after BB success

The Geordie Shore star jokes about his flailing career

Scotty T at Geordie Shore Radge Academy launch, London 16 March 2017

He was once one of the most love Geordie Shore boys and a resounding success on Celebrity Big Brother, but Scott Timlin has confessed his career is on the downfall.

The 30-year-old took to Twitter to mock his own demise on Thursday night, and revealed he was back living in his ‘mam’s spare room’.

In a conversation about what people had achieved in their lives so far, Scotty T joked: ‘Won Big Brother didn’t get invited back for all star, suspended off Geordie Shore, sacked by the sun, shopping in pound land live in me mams spare room, beat that.’


‘Oh how the mighty fall,’ one fan replied. While another slammed him for not having any ‘talent’ anyway.


Despite charming the nation and winning Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, Scotty T’s career took a turn for the worse when he was axed from Geordie Shore in 2017 over his ‘wild behaviour’.

At the time, an insider said: ‘Scotty cannot be trusted filming with the cast; he’s a liability and no one needs the stress of minding after him.

‘He’s been a great long running character but his behaviour towards the end of last year proved that he no longer deserves a place on the series.’

After months out of the limelight it emerged that he’d be returning to our TV screens later this year to replace Stephen Bear on Just Tattoo Of Us, but his appearance has been met with mix reviews.

‘REALLY not feeling Scotty T replacing Bear on Just Tattoo Of Us,’ one fan slammed.

Despite being a self-confessed failure, Scotty T was once on track to do big things.

Having achieved two A*’s at A level, he went on to spend two years studying Marine Engineering at Newcastle University.

‘I’m a f**king clever cricket, me…,’ he previously confessed. ‘My plan was to go into marine architecture, to go and work on ships and oil rigs.


‘Things like that. Not marine biology like coral reefs and shit like that. F**k that. Marine architecture.

‘With my A* in physics, I could have worked for NASA or somewhere like that, but now I’m just a c***.’

You said it!

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Peter Andre shares a sneak peek of first ever leading film role – and fans have a big reaction!

Pete’s swapped Blighty for LA

Peter Andre on ‘Loose Women’ TV show, London 7 February 2018

We might know Peter Andre as the squeaky clean dad-of-four who occasionally whips out his abs on Instagram, but for his latest project the Aussie popstar is far from that.

Peter Andre

The 45-year-old star recently announced he’d landed a leading part in new movie The Inheritance where he’ll be playing a heavily tattooed and pierced heroine addict. Interesting…


And now Pete has shared a sneak-peek of the feature film, which has gone down very well with his thousands of followers.

In the short clip, the telly star can be seen looking a little angrier than usual as he shouts at the leading lady stood opposite him.

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In the background, director James Hickox can be heard repeatedly calling his name to set, as Peter wrote next to the video: When you’re getting called by the director….oops’, before adding: ‘On set filming the movie’.

And it looks like Pete’s fans are just excited as him about the new role, as one wrote: ‘Good luck with the filming pete cant wait to watch it xx’.

‘Can’t wait to see it. V proud of you’, agreed another. While a third added: ‘Looking forward to seeing it Pete x you will be amazing in it’. 

This comes after Pete recently said he’s loved shooting the film in LA, and revealed he’ll soon be spending even more time across the pond.

‘I’ve got the acting bug’, the star admitted.

‘Although it can be full-on, I can honestly say shooting was an incredible experience. It was intense and very dark. I can’t wait to see the edit.

Isn’t she just beaut?

A post shared by Peter Andre (@peterandre) on

‘Becoming the character took months of preparing and thankfully it paid off. I’ll be going back later in the year to film more.’

Pete – who shares children Junior, 12, and Princess, 10, with ex Katie Price, as well as Amelia, four, and Theo, one, with wife Emily – then added: ‘In fact, it looks like I’m going to be spending a lot more time in America this year so I’m lucky to have such a trusting wife and family.’

Peter’s certainly has come a long way since his Mysterious Girl days…

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‘Chris is missing out!’ Olivia Attwood sends fans wild as she strips completely NAKED for ‘birthday suit’ snap


It was Olivia Attwood‘s birthday this week – so what did she do to celebrate? Get naked on Instagram, obvs…

Yup, in aid of our Love Island lady turning 27 on Wednesday, we were all treated to a full-on, totally clothes-less shower snap.


Taking to Instagram, Liv can be seen with her amazing blonde hair hanging down her back as points her bum at the camera.

‘Birthday Suit 🎂 living my best life’, she captioned the snap – and let’s hope her incred make-up wasn’t ruined in that shower water, hey.

Birthday Suit 🎂 living my best life.

A post shared by Olivia Jade Attwood 🇬🇧🇨🇦 (@oliviajade_attwood) on

Naturally, Liv’s 1.5million followers were totally floored by the naked snap and couldn’t wait to tell her how bloomin’ amazing she looks.

‘So beautiful @oliviajade_attwood love how real and honest you are’, wrote one fan.

While another said: ‘JEEZ Chris doesn’t know what he’s missing’, and a third simply added: ‘Woowwwww’.

But of course party girl Liv didn’t just stay in showering on her big day, as the reality TV star headed out in Essex with her best pal and LI co-star Amber Davies as well as TOWIE stars Fran Harman, Shelby Tribble and Clelia Theodorou.

Starting their evening at Sheesh in Chigwell, the ladies then headed on to Libertines club where – by the looks of Liv’s Insta story – she spent the night drinking champagne, hitting the dance floor and then stumbling into a taxi on the way out. Birthday well spent, we say.

Meanwhile, Liv has recently got back together with her ex Bradley Dack after splitting from LI boyfriend Chris Hughes earlier this year.

And on the telly star’s birthday, footie pro Bradley took to Instagram with a pretty adorable message for his lady.

Sharing a picture of himself and Olivia cosying up, the 24-year-old Blackburn Rovers player wrote: ‘To the most special person in my life. Happy Birthday princess, I hope you have the best day/night because you deserve it.

‘You are the most caring, funny and thoughtful person I know and we have been through a lot, actually a hell of a lot but we have come out the other side stronger than ever and I’m very lucky to have you.

He then added: ‘I’m excited for what the future holds and I can’t wait too see you. I love you x’.


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