Lucky Cheryl! Watch hot Liam Payne dance around topless in new Familiar video

Looking good, Liam!

Liam Payne in Familiar video, May 2018

Liam Payne has thrilled fans by releasing the video for his new single Familiar – and it’s sizzling stuff!

In the footage the 24-year-old dances around topless – giving fans a pretty good glimpse at his toned torso – before sitting on the bonnet of his swish car as he watches a group of girls perform a routine.


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We hope you didn’t catch a cold, Liam!

Then Liam and collaborator J Balvin take the party indoors where it looks like they’re generally having a great time and we kind of want to be there, tbh.

The sultry tune and matching vid have proved a HUGE hit with fans and many are struggling to contain their excitement over it.

‘Somebody call the ambulance I forgot how to breathe #familiar #FamiliarMusicVideo,’ one commented on Twitter – yikes.

Another tweeted: ‘you really gotta show me those visuals and expect me to still be alive??????’

Meanwhile one gushed: ‘did you mean to be shirtless to kill our asses? MAN YOU ARE SO DAMN HOT’

Yep, it seems that a lot of Liam’s admirers are probably a wee bit jealous of his girlfriend Cheryl after seeing the footage…

Liam had previously got his fans excited for the clip by teasing them ahead of its release.

The former One Direction star tweeted on Thursday: ‘Yo @JBALVIN do you think they are ready for the video tomorrow?’

This prompted J Balvin to respond: ‘Liam my G! Yes! Let’s do this! Famili Famili Familiar’

Meanwhile fans promptly lost their cool, with one admitting: ‘I’m not ready but I can’t wait’

The track marks Liam’s third solo release from his upcoming debut album which will hopefully be coming this summer.

With the new video showing off Payno’s dance moves, it’s probably no surprise that he recently revealed that one-year-old son Bear is already pretty good at getting his groove on.

‘I played him my new single and he went rigid and bouncing really fast and throwing his hand in the air,’ Liam told Pop Buzz last month. ‘It was like he was twerking on the table. Like baby twerking in his nappy.’

Awww, this family’s clearly got moves!

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Is it all over for Liam Payne and Cheryl?

The duo are making separate plans for their son’s future…

The couple are usually private 
in terms of PDAs and the subtle signs suggest the pressure of the occasion might have been getting to them. Cheryl’s smile doesn’t quite reach her eyes and Liam’s facial expression looks serious and possibly wary.

Cheryl  was 
in no hurry to share her happy news with the world when she fell pregnant.

And following the constant reports of cracks in her relationship with Liam Payne, Now understands she’s insisting that if they break up, then it’ll be 
as private 
as possible.

Liam spilled last month 
that he and Cheryl – mother to his one-year-old son Bear – have relationship ‘struggles’ like anyone else and shortly after, the pair reportedly went on a ‘make or break’ holiday to the Maldives.


But in an interview given last week, Liam seemed to contradict himself, saying: ‘I’m quite the romancer’ when it comes to cooking for Cheryl and enjoying cosy nights in front of the telly.

He revealed: ‘When I’m cooking for Chez, I don’t know why but my dinner can be just thrown on the thing, whatever, but I have to, like, cut out a little leaf and throw on a little bit of spice and I have to make her dinner really nice.’

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So has it helped get things back on track?

A well-placed source tells Now that the former One Direction star and Cheryl have taken the precaution of working things out if they were ever to go their separate ways.

Our insider reveals: ‘Liam’s most important thing, alongside Bear, is his music and the quest to be bigger than 1D. He wants to be the most successful out of 
his bandmates.’

Any new parent knows the art of juggling work and family life isn’t easy, but with Cheryl, 34, left holding the baby while Liam, 24, jets off for promotional work and partying, you couldn’t blame her for feeling resentful.

We previously told how in their two-year relationship, Chiam had spent around six months apart – and with a child to raise now, it’s not going to be easy.


Our insider says: ‘They barely see each other and are now in the process of organising Bear’s future wealth and Cheryl’s maintenance – if they ever split.

‘They don’t want it to be public and she is furious that he constantly speaks to the press about Bear. She wants him to shut up.’

Cheryl Cole and Liam

It’s no secret that Cheryl has remained tight-lipped on her son as she tries to keep him out of the limelight. Liam on the other hand has teased fans with snaps of his beloved son’s feet and hands, and spoken about him at every opportunity.

Last week, he even appeared to joke about Cheryl’s parenting skills.

Liam said: ‘[Bear]’s massive now! Where’s my baby gone? Everyone comes over and is like: “Your child is massive!” I don’t know what we feed him. I don’t know what [Cheryl’s] doing.’

Liam Payne

It’s understood Cheryl has tried to work things out and even contemplated marriage, but with Liam’s career going from strength to strength, it looks like it’ll be a while before things settle down.

Our source adds: ‘Cheryl and Liam have agreed that if they ever split, they will lead separate lives, as long as it’s not public.

‘Cheryl doesn’t want to be haunted by the aftermath of another failed relationship and Liam wants to keep her sweet, as the last thing he needs is for her to make it difficult for him to see Bear.’

Thankfully for now, it’s only Liam’s hectic schedule stopping him seeing more of his son…

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Why do celebrity couples not comment on split rumours?

Why do celebrity couples not comment on split rumours?
Cheryl and Liam’s relationship has been speculated over for weeks (Picture: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock)

There’s nothing juicier that people love to obsess over than the love lives of celebrities.

From whether a marriage is on the rocks to rumoured hook-ups, we can’t get enough of speculation over the romances of the rich and famous.

But it’s split rumours that land celebs on front pages the most.

Over the past few months, we’ve had two high profile couples – Cheryl and Liam Payne, and Kevin and Karen Clifton – plagued by split speculation, with their relationships coming under the microscope.

In Karen and Kevin’s case, the pair kept quiet on rumours that their marriage was ending – even as Karen was spotted leaving her home with accountant Stuart Wood, and Kevin was pictured without his wedding ring.

And in the case of Cheryl and Liam, the couple stayed silent on reports that they were heading for a break-up in the run up to the opening of Cheryl’s Trust in Newcastle.

Karen and Kevin Clifton
Karen and Kevin didnt address the rumours about their marriage ending Picture: Flynet)

As of this week, both couples have finally put an end to the rumours. Cheryl and Liam put on a PDA display at the Brit Awards, with Cheryl lashing out at claims the appearance was a stunt, tweeting: ‘No one cares who’s been speculatively arguing or not in their relationships ??‍♀️ use your platform to put something productive in your columns ?? I opened a centre this week that could help thousands of youth!!! ..Oh and your “stunt” theories are just ludicrous and a bit weird.’

And Karen and Kevin posed together with the arms around each other at The Bruce Forsyth Celebration at the London Palladium.

But if all is well at home, why do couples not speak out the moment a newspaper claims they’re heading for splitsville?

For some celeb couples – particularly reality TV pairings that need press coverage to survive – allowing the speculation to continue is a career move.

Hayley Smith of Boxed Out PR told us: ‘When it comes to celebrities, everything is managed, and calculated. They are surrounded by lawyers, and managers telling them what to say, when to say or what not to say. Also, in some cases, those closest to them will be asked to sign an NDA [non disclosure agreement].

‘They will also have a solid plan in place that will help them maximise their PR and negotiate the best opportunities. Most of the time, it will be one major outlet that breaks a news story first. This “breaking news” story would have been a while in the works, with information fed to the reporter, a carefully placed quote or interview and photos. Planning is everything in the celebrity world.’

She continued: ‘Many celebrity couples who are media darlings will plan more than most. Couples like Cheryl and Liam, though they may want privacy, especially as there is a child involved, would have been carefully briefed and media trained to deal with these situations.

‘There is no coincidence that after every break up rumour, the couple in question will put on a united front at a national event to try and steer the press away. And they will play cat and mouse with the press until it’s the right moment before announcing or releasing a statement. Then the cycle starts again.

‘Every couple is different and some genuinely want their privacy, but they are all part of the fame game, and it’s stories like this that get people talking, and gets them front page news.’

However, some couples may genuinely not want to draw attention to the stories – even if they’re on the national front pages.

Helen O’Brien from Impressive PR said: ‘Not speaking out can lead to on going stories speculating, there are column inches to be had from “still wearing wedding ring”.

‘I think high profile celebs like Cheryl and Liam are keeping a dignified silence on it. Fanning the flames is more of a reality TV strategy to keep them in the press for as long as possible.’

Whether trying to maintain a dignified silence or angling for publicity, the stories definitely draw attention. At the Brit Awards on Wednesday night, Dua Lipa was the first solo female to ever garner five nominations and Stormzy made history with his British Album win. But it was Cheryl and Liam’s public appearance – and their oversharing about their sex life – that made the most headlines.

Even bad publicity can be good publicity for people who depend on press attention to keep their careers going – so split speculation will continue to thrive as long as the concept of celebrity exists. has contacted Cheryl, Liam, Kevin and Karen’s reps for comment. 

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Cheryl and Liam’s body language at the Brits suggest ‘defiance’ but also ‘nerves’

Cheryl and Liam's body language at the Brits suggest 'defiance' but also 'nerves'
Author & body language expert Judi James reveals all… (Picture: Rex)

Cheryl and Liam Payne made a red carpet appearance on Wednesday at the 2018 Brit Awards, days after rumours of a split surfaced.

There, they walked arm in arm and posed for pictures grinning at each other – and later made everyone uncomfortable when they joked about their sex life – but what does their body language really tell us?

Author & body language expert Judi James reveals all…

Cheryl and Liam's body language at the Brits suggest 'defiance' but also 'nerves'
Cheryl and Liam Payne pose at the Brit Awards 2018 (Picture: AP)

Some of the most gruesome red carpet poses come when a celebrity couple turn out to quash rumours about their relationship.

But although Cheryl and Liam were clearly intent on emphatically signaling a united and loving front, there were still enough signs of tension in their body language to suggest the kind of pressure that they must currently feel themselves to be under as an otherwise very private couple.

Cheryl and Liam's body language at the Brits suggest 'defiance' but also 'nerves'
It was Cheryl seeming to take charge of the choreography (Picture: Rex)

Just as she did at the beginning of their relationship, it was Cheryl seeming to take charge of the choreography here while Liam stood beside her looking shy and at times uncomfortable.

Their smiles often looked stretched and rigid and Cheryl had to whisper in Liam’s ear on one occasion to ensure his open-mouthed grin was re-booted. Cheryl and Liam's body language at the Brits suggest 'defiance' but also 'nerves'

Cheryl’s raised head and upright posture looked defiant (Picture: Rex)

Clutching a single rose, Cheryl’s raised head and upright posture looked defiant as she stood alongside her man and smiled widely at the cameras, and she face-checked Liam throughout as though trying to reassure him.

Her eye-gazing looked flirty but then almost maternal at times too, as though she was keen to check he was coping okay with the rather awkward occasion.

Cheryl and Liam's body language at the Brits suggest 'defiance' but also 'nerves'
Her eye-gazing looked flirty but then almost maternal at times too (Picture: Rex)

Liam’s face did drop a couple of times and his hand stuffed into his pocket suggested a suppressed desire to hide,and although they did walk hand in hand, it was actually more of a rather tentative-looking wrist clasp from Liam.

Cheryl ‘to attend Brit Awards’ and watch Liam Payne perform despite split rumours

Cheryl 'to attend Brit Awards' and watch Liam Payne perform despite split rumours
Cheryl at the Cheryl Trust Charity building in Newcastle city centre (Picture: WENN – North News)

Cheryl Cole is said to be attending the Brit Awards where she will watch boyfriend Liam Payne perform.

While a rumoured split is unconfirmed by either party there is continued scrutiny over their relationship but it is thought Cheryl will be attending the ceremony on Wednesday night at The O2 where Liam will be performing his track from Fifty Shades Freed, For You, with Rita Ora on the night,

Cheryl appeared on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday and addressed the recent and mounting speculation about her relationship with the former One Direction star.

The singer was on the programme on Tuesday morning to chat about her latest project – Cheryl’s Trust Centre, which opened in Newcastle this week in joint with the Prince’s Trust, worth £2 million.

However, when asked by presenter Dan Walker about whether ‘a day like this’ was frustrating as she opened the centre amid so much speculation about her personal life, the 34-year-old was quick to rebut.

‘No it does’t bother me at all because my focus is solely on this because I’ve waited seven years for this,’ she said. ‘None of that matters, this is the most important part for me.’

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Cheryl and Liam Payne fans react as it’s claimed they’re ‘ready to SPLIT’ just weeks before Bear’s first birthday

Sad news for Cheriam fans

As their baby son Bear’s first birthday approaches, shock claims have emerged that Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne could be about to SPLIT within the coming weeks after having ‘crisis talks’ over their relationship.

It’s been reported that the couple – who have been together for two years – have struggled to make things work long-distance with Liam spending time away working on his solo career whilst Cheryl, 34, has been looking after their little boy, whilst their 10-year age gap is also said to be a factor.


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‘They love their son. And they do care for each other so it’s now a matter of seeing if there’s a final way forward to try and make it work,’ a source alleges.

Apparently Cheryl – who is slowly making her comeback into the showbiz world – and Liam, 24, discussed how to work on their relationship this week after spending Valentine’s Day together.

‘They haven’t split but have addressed the fact they have work to do on the relationship and both want to work things out,’ the insider tells The Sun On Sunday. ‘He is away a lot. She knew he would be away a lot for work but the actual reality is tough.

‘She also wants to get back to work so that comes into it as well. They have a child together so have been trying to make it work for some time.

‘There hasn’t been a big falling out or anything like that. They hope there is a way forward and that’s what they’ve been discussing.’

It comes days after Liam sent Cheryl a Valentine’s Day message on Instagram joking that Bear was giving him competition for her affections – but Cheryl didn’t post anything publicly herself.

The couple haven’t been seen together for several months but both are set for separate public appearances this week, with Cheryl due to open her Cheryl’s Trust Centre in Newcastle on Tuesday whilst Liam has been nominated at the Brit Awards on Wednesday.

Fans have been reacting to the rumours of trouble in their relationship and many are desperately hoping that if the rumours are true that they can work things out.

‘I really don’t want them to spilt,they’re so perfect together,’ one commented, whilst another wrote: ‘LIAM AND CHERYL ARE HAPPY SO LEAVE THEM ALONE’

And one added: ‘It’s a load of rubbish anyway. Cheryl is a very private person. Leave Cheryl and Liam alone!’

Fingers crossed that everything is okay between these two.

Cheryl and Liam Payne ‘ready to end their relationship’ amid reports they ‘constantly argue’

Cheryl and Liam Payne 'prepare to end their relationship'
Friends of Liam and Cheryl fear they could end their relationship (Picture: Palace Lee/REX/Shutterstock)

New reports claim Cheryl and Liam Payne are preparing to go their separate ways.

The couple’s relationship has been hit with rumours that things are strained between them as they regularly have been spending a lot of time apart, and the distance has reportedly taken its toll on them.

Cheryl, 34, is said to have been taking constant care of their son Bear while singer Liam, 24, focuses on his music career.

But despite fighting for their love, friends think they might have come to the end of the road, which sources claim would have happened long before now if it weren’t for their 11-month-old son.

A source told The Sun: ‘There’s a big age gap between them. If they didn’t have Bear then they would have most likely split up by now.’

Apparently this could be a last ditch attempt to make it work as they continue to struggle to find time to spend together as a couple.

The source added: ‘They love their son. And they do care for each other so it’s now a matter of seeing if there’s a final way forward to try and make it work.’

Cheryl and Liam Payne 'prepare to end their relationship'
Liam and Cheryl welcomed their son Bear back in March (Picture: Instagram/@liampayne)

It seems the couple might have even spent Valentine’s Day apart, as Liam shared a picture of Bear on his Instagram page while Cheryl was nowhere to be seen.

His caption read: ‘Happy Valentine’s Day @cherylofficial and everyone. Looks like I’ve got the big guy to compete with now.’

The photo didn’t reveal his face but showed a close up of Bear’s outfit, which had: ‘Bear is Mummy’s little Valentine’ written across the middle of his baby grow.

However, there was no public response to the photo from the Call My Name singer.

Cheryl is slowly making returning to work with her new show The Greatest Dancer.

Professional dancer Oti Mabuse will reportedly sit on the coaching panel alongside the Girls Aloud star and Glee actor Matthew Morrison.

Earlier this week Chez’s stylist posted a photo of her in the make-up chair getting ready for her close-up.

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