‘It isn’t necessarily true’: Pregnant Jacqueline Jossa hints at more to Dan Osborne ‘split’ on Loose Women

Jacqueline has given her first interview since the rumours emerged

Jacqueline Jossa on ‘Loose Women’ TV show, London 4 May 2018

Jacqueline Jossa has insisted that she’s doing okay in her first TV interview since reports she’s ‘split’ from Dan Osborne – and hinted that there’s more to it.

The pregnant actress was quizzed about how she’s faring in the wake of claims she’s separated from her husband during an interview on Friday’s Loose Women and gave a cryptic response.


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‘I’m good. I honestly am fine,’ said Jacqueline, 25. ‘I think when stuff goes on on at home it’s not normal to be everywhere.

‘It’s not necessarily true or the reasons why you’re not getting on at the moment. That’s all I really want to say. I’m all good.’

Jacqueline – who is expecting her second child with Dan, 26, over the summer – caused further confusion by wearing her wedding ring for the appearance.

The former EastEnders star – who was on the programme to talk about the Pampers’ Thank Your Midwife campaign she’s supporting – got viewers talking with her remarks and seemed to spark a mixed reaction.

‘She came across like she was peeved,’ one wrote on Twitter, whilst another said: ‘What an absolutely pointless interview’

Ouch. Others showed their support though, with one admirer tweeting: ‘Jacqueline looks so upset. Hats off to her for being on #LooseWomen. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it!’

And one added: ‘They need Jacqueline jossa on #LooseWomen all the time! Love her!’

It comes after the expectant star broke her silence on the rumours surrounding her marriage via social media on Wednesday.

‘No one needs to comment and get involved in things they don’t know anything about,’ Jacqueline told her Twitter followers.

‘Daniel and I are dealing with things privately as a team, there is always 2 sides to every story. Stop with the nasty comments, no one deserves them. Trust me. privacy please’

Jacqueline and Dan married last summer after a two-year engagement. They share daughter Ella, 3, whilst Dan has son Teddy from a previous relationship.

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Amanda Holden calls Simon Cowell ‘annoying’ after he does THIS on Britain’s Got Talent

Uh-oh, Amanda’s not happy about this…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by FeatureflashSHM/REX/Shutterstock (9337307x)
Amanda Holden
‘Britain’s Got Talent’ TV show photocall, London, UK – 28 Jan 2018

The Britain’s Got Talent panel usually seem to have a ball together on the show but Amanda Holden has been left seriously annoyed by Simon Cowell’s recent actions…

Following Saturday night’s show, Amanda shared a clip with Instagram fans in which she revealed that Simon had just pressed his Golden Buzzer, meaning that particular act were sent straight through to the live semi-finals.


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However, she’s a bit irked by the fact that Simon might have possibly picked the winner…

‘It’s very exciting, Simon just pressed his Golden Buzzer!’ Amanda, 47, tells the camera in the video.

Simon, 58, then says: ‘I just pressed it and they’re gonna win.’

‘I think… do you know what?’ Amanda responds. ‘I think they might. It’s annoying!’

Whoops, sorry Amanda!

The act in question is father-son duo Tim Goodacre and his 12-year-old boy Jack, who performed an original song together called The Lucky Ones.

‘It’s about how lucky we are to have what we have,’ Jack explained ahead of the song.

The acoustic tune wowed both the panel and studio audience and Simon was quick to press his Golden Buzzer before anyone could even give them a critique.

Simon praised the song for being ‘fantastic’ and admitted that it reminded him of his relationship with four-year-old son Eric.

Meanwhile Amanda clearly had a soft spot for the duo too and emotionally confessed she was ‘a mess’ throughout the performance.

The audition must have been a hit with viewers at home too as Amanda revealed in her Instagram post that the show had brought in a huge audience.

‘@bgt had its biggest #audience this year (so far) last night. #thankyou for watching,’ the mum-of-two captioned the clip.

Meanwhile fans filled the comments with praise for Tim and Jack, which will probably make Amanda even more annoyed that Simon beat her to the Golden Buzzer.

‘So much talent this year and but father and son where amazing!!’ one said, whilst another wrote: ‘I thought you was going to press it Amanda as you were crying! Well deserved’

Still, we can’t wait to see who Amanda presses her Golden Buzzer for!

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Who is the voiceover bloke on Survival Of The Fittest? Everything you need to know about Brennan Reece…

He’s cheeky. He’s from Manchester. And he’s got GREAT hair.

Hands up who’s addicted to ITV2s Survival Of The Fittest already? Yup, us too.

Survival Of The Fittest

It’s got ripped lads, bikini babes, African sunshine and just the right amount of mugginess we need on these cold winter nights. But aside from the battle of the brawn, it’s the voice over bloke who’s caught our attention.

But, ‘who is he?’ we hear you ask… well, Manchester-based comic and actor Brennan Reece.

Where does Brennan come from? 

Brennan Reece, 31, was born on February 12, 1987 in Manchester.


What’s he been in?

As well as being a comedian, Brennan has starred in many TV shows including Skins, Don’t Stop Me Now, Life as I Know It, The Vessel and even once starred in Hollyoaks. But, no, before you Google it he didn’t try to kill Warren Fox or seduce Cindy Cunningham – he was just in one show as an ‘announcer’.

He’s also appeared on Sky1’s Don’t Stop Me Now and has acted in Marvellous, Doctors and Skins.

What are his comedy credentials?

He was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Awards and Best Show at Australia Fringe World 2016. Check out some of his stand up here…

He once was throttled on stage…

Yup, that’s right. Brennan was once throttled by a front-row heckler who made seemingly homophobic remarks.

The man apparently pulled him from the stage, shoved the comic on to his back and started choking him after reacting oddly to his banter at the Roaring Laughter club in Northwich, Cheshire.

Brennan kept cracking jokes until the man, who was in his late 60s, eventually released his grip and was calmed down by his friends. Jeeeeez….

He’s not afraid of Twitter trolls…


He likes dogs…

Where can I follow him (in a non-stalker way)?…

You can find Brennan tweeting here: @BrennanReece

And he’s LOLing up Insta here: @brennanreece

Forget The X Factor! Cheryl excites fans as she’s spotted filming brand new TV show

The new mum is heading back to our screens

Cheryl Cole has just got fans even more excited about her big comeback after filming for a brand new TV show!

The singer was spotted at the shoot of The Greatest Show on Tuesday, a new entertainment programme from the makers of Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor, and gave a big smile as she posed for a photo with fans.


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It’s unclear what sort of role Cheryl, 34, will play in the show but it all sounds pretty exciting.

A message released before filming read: ‘Featuring international superstars and two of the UK’s hottest television hosts, this is going to be a night to remember!

‘Exciting entertainment acts will perform for your viewing pleasure and the best part… YOU could be in control of how far they go in the competition!’

Fans of Chezza have already been speculating about her part, with some wondering if she’s going to be a judge as she was previously on The X Factor.

But whatever ro she’s playing, her followers are already looking forward to having her back on the telly.

‘So exciting that Cheryl is working on the new ITV programme The Greatest Show,’ one admirer commented on Twitter.

Another wrote: ‘Cheryl looks Amazing she is Stunning WoW’

It comes as the latest stage in Cheryl’s comeback since she welcomed baby son Bear with boyfriend Liam Payne last March.

Just last month producer Naughty Boy revealed that he had recorded a ‘great’ song with the Girls Aloud star for her album and spoke of how she’s in a ‘good place’ for her return.

‘I feel like she’s her own entity, think of the success she’s had,’ he told ITV’s Lorraine. ‘She’s in a good place, I feel she can come back and people are wanting to hear, “Oh what is Cheryl going to do next?”’

The new mum was also seen spending time with Nicola Roberts at the studio, leading fans to wonder if the two could DUET – how amazing would that be?

We can’t wait to have you back, Chezza!

Survival Of The Fittest: Meet Dani Dyer’s ‘wild’ replacement after that shock exit!

There’s a new girl arriving at The Lodge

Survival Of The Fittest is about to welcome a new girl to The Lodge to replace Dani Dyer after her shock exit – and it sounds like she’s going to shake things up!

Lottie James, a waitress and farmer from Carmarthen in Wales, will arrive on Monday night’s show following Dani’s injury which forced her to pull out and she’s already excited about taking part in the battle of the sexes.

Survival Of The Fittest

The newbie describes herself as ‘ditzy, wild and outgoing’ and thinks she’s got a secret strength when it comes to the challenges…


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‘I am so honest so my honesty will be good,’ she explains. ‘I think my flirtatious side will come out so that might make the boys’ games a little weaker.’

Ooh! Lottie’s upfront about her weaknesses too though and says: ‘I can be a little sensitive but I am good at fighting off the sensitivity as well.

‘I can be a bit nervous sometimes but when my personality shines and I get used to everyone, I’ll be fine.’

Survival Of The Fittest

And when it comes to the possibility of finding love with one of the boys, Lottie’s trying to focus on being a girls’ girl instead.

‘I will be more Team Girl for this – steering clear of the enemy and keeping to the Girl Code,’ the new contestant reveals.

Whilst Dani had already chatted about being Danny Dyer’s daughter, Lottie also has a minor claim to fame.

‘A few of the Wales rugby boys follow me on Instagram – Gareth Davies – but things like that don’t really interest me that much,’ she admits.

Now Lottie’s looking forward to getting stuck in to ‘the mental and physical challenges’ of Survival Of The Fittest and is determined for the girls’ team to win – atta gal!

The new girl’s arrival comes after Dani dislocated her shoulder during one of the first tasks when she landing badly as she slid headfirst down a waterslide.

The 21-year-old was treated by the medical team before being taken to hospital and later announced that she was unable to take part in any more challenges, forcing her to withdraw from the show.

Survival Of The Fittest

We can’t wait to see how Lottie’s arrival goes down at The Lodge!

PICTURES A love shack, outdoor shower and A LAKE! See the Survival Of The Fittest luxury lodge

This looks pretty incredible!

With the launch of Survival Of The Fittest just days away, the first pictures of the contestants’ luxury home have been revealed – and it looks AMAZING!

The 12 sexy singletons will live in The Lodge during their time on the show, which will see them take part in a battle of the sexes by competing in challenges in the South African savannah.

And with the pad coming complete with facilities including a specially designed pool, a gym and even an outdoor shower, the group have certainly got a very special place to relax in-between tasks!

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The boys and girls will each have their own dorms as well as a dressing room, where they’ll get ready pre and post challenge.

There’s also a kitchen complete with all the mod cons and an outdoor bathroom which features a rainfall shower and a bath big enough for two – ooh-er.

Should any of the cast want to get to know each other better there are plenty of places on The Lodge for that too. There’s a large hanging chair designed for a duo and even daybeds outside if anybody fancies romantically sleeping under the stars.

The gang can also gather around the firepit in the evenings or could head over the bridge next to The Lodge to The Lookout, which is apparently suited for ‘alone time, quiet time, date time or mate time’.

And with the line-up consisting of some pretty buff bodies, the boys and girls will be able to keep fit in their outdoor gym as well as a pool to keep cool. Oh, and there’s even a LAKE which looks out onto the South African mountains. WOWZERS.

Thankfully we’ll be able to see everything that goes on in The Lodge as the facility – which took around nine weeks to construct – has been filled with 61 cameras.

Eek, we can’t WAIT – and also we totally want to hang out there! Have a scroll below to see for yourself…

‘She brings the GC’: Celebs Go Dating stars admit they had concerns about Gemma Collins

Gemma perhaps hasn’t always been the easiest client…

It’s fair to say that the addition of Gemma Collins to the Celebs Go Dating line-up has made this series pretty entertaining so far – but it seems that it caused some worries behind the scenes.

Agency gurus Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex have confessed that, whilst they’re big fans of Gemma, they ended up wondering if they’d be able to find her a match due to some unsuccessful first dates and her general GC-ness.


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When asked during an appearance on Friday’s Loose Women if it’s ever ‘impossible’ to find love for some candidates, Eden admitted: ‘We get moments of that for the whole series. You think, “we’re not going to get it”.

‘And then you get that spark and that magic moment, and you’re away. It’s like lighting fireworks, one of them goes and then they all go at the same time.’

Eden then explained that 37-year-old Gemma’s divaish alter ego The GC can occasionally cause problems.

‘Gemma is brilliant, I mean that from the bottom of my heart, but occasionally she brings the GC and that’s where the rub is,’ the TV star said.

So far on the series Gemma has left a date due to her suitor calling her ‘love’ and on another occasion turned up half an hour late.

However, Nadia admitted that she could understand why Gemma had left on one those dates and also spoke of how she’s tried to give her best guidance to the TOWIE star.

‘She has never been in love – those are her words – she doesn’t know what it feels like,’ she explained. ‘So we took her under our wing.’

And when quizzed on whether they thought they could find GC her man, Eden and Nadia were both very positive about it.

’Why not?’ Nadia said, whilst Eden agreed: ‘Absolutely, that’s the point of the show. It’s for her to let herself go, open her arms, take our advice and go for it.’

Fingers crossed it all works out, then!